Sozen And Bozoglu


Sözen and Bozoglu

Journal of  Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 3 (10), pp.
October 2013.

 ISSN: 2276-7770 



Manuscript Number: 073013766



Morphological Variability of Colored Dry


Artvin Province


Sözen*1, Hatice Bozoğlu2


of Ahi Evran, Agricultural Faculty, Depermant of
Biotechnology, Campus of Aşıkpasha Kırşehir/Turkey.

of Ondokuzmayıs, Agricultural Faculty, Deparmant of
Field Crops, Campus of Kurupelit-Samsun


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In this study, 74 villages were selected and a total of 279
samples were taken from those villages according to the
progressive sampling system. Regarding the seed size and
color of the materials, 400 genotypes were grouped. These
genotypes were sown in Samsun. Description of the genotypes
was performed according to morphologic description criteria
developed by IBPGR and EU-CPVO. A total of 68 observations
were performed by adding some important agronomic traits.
Description data for the rest colored genotypes were
mentioned in the text. Of all colored seed producing
genotypes, it was determined that 54 genotypes were dwarf,
15s genotypes were semi-dwarf and 78s genotypes were
climbing. To determine the morphologic variability of local
bean varieties of Artvin province, the collected material
was divided into two groups as white and colored seeds. 145
white seeded and 147 colored seeded genotypes were subjected
to Cluster analysis and dendogrames were formed. As a result
of the cluster analysis it was established that bean
genotypes having colored seed formed 26 subgroups. All the
data obtained shows that this material has a rich variation
and could be used for both new cultivars developing as dry
and fresh consumption and different breeding purpose.
Keywords: Artvin, domestic bean, description, cluster

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