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Sudik et al

Greener Journal of
Agricultural Sciences

Vol. 10(3), pp. 152-156,

ISSN: 2276-7770

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Performance of Commercial Broiler Strains
Common in Jos, Nigeria



1Sudik, S.D.; Wumnokol, D.P.; 2Gofwan, G.P.; 2Dastu,
A.J.; 2Machido, H.; 2Magaji, S.T.; 2Yibis,



1Department of Animal Science, Federal University Gashua,
Yobe State, Nigeria

2Department of Animal Health and Production,
Plateau State College of Agriculture, Garkawa, Nigeria






Article No.:081320099

Type: Research



A six weeks experiment was conducted to determine the performance of
three strains of broilers fed commercial feed. The broilers strains used
were Arbor Acres Farm Support, Arbor Acres Grinphield and Marshall
Grinphield and fifty day-old each were purchased from their respective
Distributors in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. They were randomly distributed into
5 replicates and each replicate had 10 birds. The design used was a
completely randomized design. The commercial feed (Vital Feed produced by
Grand Cereals Company Ltd, Jos) and water were provided ad libitum. Total
weight gain, daily weight gain, total feed intake, daily feed intake and
feed conversion ratio were not significantly (P>0.05) affected by strain.
However, high mortality was recorded. Also, hematological parameters,
carcass and organs’ weights were not significantly (P>0.05) affected. It
may be concluded that Arbor Acres Farm Support, Arbor Acres Grinphield and
Marshall Grinphield expresses similar genetic potential when fed with the
same feed. Therefore, these three broiler strain are recommended for


Accepted:  14/08/2020

Published: 12/09/2020


*Corresponding Author

David Sudik

E-mail: davidsudik@
yahoo. com

Phone: +2348065633451



Arbor Acres; Marshall; Mortality; Organs’ weight;
Performance; Vital feed






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Cite this Article: Sudik, SD; Wumnokol,
DP; Gofwan, GP; Dastu, AJ; Machido, H; Magaji, ST; Yibis, GG (2020).
Performance of Commercial Broiler Strains Common in Jos, Nigeria.
Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences 10(3): 152-156.


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