Yusuf And El Bashir


Yusuf and EL Bashir

Journal of Agricultural Sciences,
 Vol. 5 (6),
223-232, November

ISSN: 2276-7770 

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 043014215


(DOI http://doi.org/10.15580/GJAS.2015.6.043014215)


Implement Draught and Power Requirement
for Tillage operations in Gezira Soil (With Special Reference to Massad Area)


Yusuf Elamin Elmadani Akashah*¹, EL Bashir
Ali Hammed²


1Agricultural Research
Corporation, Wad Medani, Sudan.

²Faculty of Agricultural
Technology and Fish Sciences, AlNeelain University, Khartoum-Sudan.



experiment was conducted during the year 2011 at Massad Centre for Technology
Transfer and Extension (latitude 14°
 24¢N and longitude 33° 29¢E) in Gazira
Scheme-Sudan to study tractor power requirement for two implements commonly
used for tillage operations in Gazira Scheme. The implements were a chisel
plough as a primary tillage implement and an offset disc harrow for secondary
tillage. Power requirements were studied under wet and dry soil conditions and
for two depths of work for each implement (20-30cm, 5-10cm).

Effect of implement draught on the
performance of 2WD (120 hp) tractor was investigated in terms of wheel slip (%)
under the field conditions of the experiment using different levels of wheel

Draught requirement for the chisel plough
was found to be as a range between11 to 15 kN.  And for disc harrowing the
values ranged between 7 to 10 kN. Maximum power required at a speed of 7 km/h
was 29 kW (39 hp).

Optimum performance (with 10 to 15% wheel
slip) during chisel ploughing was achieved with water ballast at the rear
wheels to 50% of the tyre volume and 50 kg of cast iron weight on each rear
wheel. During disc harrowing, optimum performance was achieved with 25% water
ballast in the rear wheels with additional 100 kg of cast iron weight on the
rear wheels.


Keywords: chisel plough, offset
disc harrow.

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