GJAH Volume 9, Issue 1, 2022



Excellence and Timeliness

Volume 9, Issue 1, 2022

Please note that some of the links below will lead to contents listed on the previous website of GJAH. Recent and subsequent volumes will be hosted on this website. Also we are currently publishing in only two issues in a year. Articles will be added daily to each current issue as they get ready.

Table of Contents: Vol. 9(1), 2022

This issue is in progress and receiving papers for publication until June 2022. Ready articles will be published immediately, send your papers now.




Bisalla, AM; Ibrahim, CF

Diversifying Nigeria’s Economy through Visual Arts for Sustainable Development.

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDFHTMLEPUBPHP   pp. 1-4


Davou, SY; Egemba, OH; Kufre, I

A Probing Order for the Promotion of National Peace in the Contextual Analytical Structure of the Musical Piece “Oh Plateau”.

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDF, HTML, PHP, EPUB   pp. 5-16


Davou, SY; Davou, DP

Burial Rites Among the Berom People: Focus on Gyel Traditional Burial System and Related Issues.

[Abstract]  Full Text: PDF, HTML, PHP, EPUB   pp. 17-28


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