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1. Be a sponsor of articles’ publication.

Join our project to freely publish authors around the world, especially from Africa and low income countries. We receive a lot of communication from authors soliciting free publication of their article(s); usually, they have gone through a rigorous research and article write up that was self-sponsored and could be assisted by a sponsor of the article’s publication fee. We have published many articles free of charge, but undergoing this task and the volume of requests by ourselves alone is overwhelming and very limited, so we need support from individuals, organisations or governments that will support the publication of one or more articles. Such supports are welcomed and will be appreciated by the authors and duly acknowledged within the published articles and prints, as well as on our website, except the sponsor or donor prefers not to be acknowledged. Our publication fee, initially 300 USD, has been discounted to 40 USD to support the scheme, we are ready to make more sacrifices and are opened to discussions that will facilitate your involvement. Donations or sponsorship will be duly accounted for. Please contact us about this using the email: or contact us on WhatsApp here.


2. Editorial Partnership

You are welcome to join our editorial team. We are open to receiving applications for the positions of Editor, Reviewer, Proofreader and language translator. Please download our Editorial Partnership Form, fill and submit it to the emails in the form. You should read our editors/reviewers guidelines to see the requirements for each position as well as other information. You may also send your CV and journal preference to


3. Organization Association/Partnership

We are open to entering partnership with governments, research outfits, institutions, universities or any other kinds of organisation.

a. We are ready to publish one or more of our journals with such organisations.

b. We are ready to start and host one or more journals for/with such organisations.

c. We are ready to receive and publish bulk submissions from a particular country, region or organisation.

d. We are ready to publish at discounted rates to start and extend such partnerships.

Please feel free to contact us about this via the email or contact us on WhatsApp here.


4. We welcome any other type of partnership that will align with the goals and activities of our organisation, please contact us also.


May God bless you richly as you do so.



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