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Identification of fungal pathogens associated with mango disease in Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto was carried out in selected Areas of the University, with the aim to Isolate and identify the fungi associated with fruits, leaves and stem, and genotypically characterize the most significantly occurred fungal isolates by PCR assays.

The present study investigates the different Physicochemical parameters of 8 ponds water in the Jashore district to identify whether the water quality in the ponds is feasible for fish cultivation.

Hepatitis B (HBV) is a global public health problem whose management imposes financial hardship on the patients especially in developing countries with high level of poverty. This study estimated the financial burden of managing HBV by quantifying the direct medical, direct non-medical and indirect costs of managing patients in various

Vulval Leiomyomatous polyp ( Vulval Leiomyoma ) is a rare type of benign tumour of the vulva. They occur commonly in the fourth and fifth decades. The prevalence of leiomyoma accounts for 0.03% of all gynaecological neoplasms and 0.07% of all vulva tumours. We presented a case of vulva leiomyoma,

The practice of exclusive breast feeding among mothers vary with different populations, religion and locality but low below the 90% the global target recommended by UNICEF/WHO. Return to work has been documented as reason for discontinuation of exclusive breastfeeding among the working-class mothers. This study looked at the knowledge and

Religion along with other socio-cultural factors, serves as a major deterrent in the acceptance of reproduction health care services resulting in high incidence of maternal mortality in sub-Sahara Africa, especially in Nigeria. The concept “I must deliver like the Hebrew women, caesarian section is not my portion” has brought many

In Japan, the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) and computer-based testing (CBT) would be implemented from May 2023 to assess whether medical students possess the required knowledge and skills before starting preclinical training. This paper reports the findings of a literature review on the current status of preclinical practice evaluation

Worldwide, various sentiments about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout have been observed. This study has explored the sentiments and other factors affecting the response to the vaccine rollout in a community called Gainesville in Georgia, USA, and establishes the attitudes of patients presenting at a free clinic within the community which

Smoking is a global health challenge in developing and developed countries. It’s also the biggest cause of preventable deaths. The aim of the present study was to find out and assess the knowledge and attitude of the health implication of smoking in young adult in Bumoundi, community yenagoa local government

This paper focuses on assessment of teachers and pupils’ knowledge and attitude towards solid waste management in public primary schools in Plateau State.

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